Thursday, August 26, 2010

over a year ago

Boy, I am so very bad about posting. Life gets going and between the kids and the hubby, I don't seem to hit the blogging everyday.

What's new? Well tomorrow I get to head to Richmond, VA to see Beth Moore. Nine of us ladies from my church, Faith Fellowship Assembly of God, are leaving for 30+ hours of fun, fellowship and most of all Jesus!!

We have started school back up for the fall, not that we ever really stop, but you know how that is. The kids seem to be enjoying it and we are having a good time. I have a great support system in my husband and two of my lovely girlfriends from high school who also home school!!

I have been very involved in my church! So I am keeping super busy. My intent is to blog about homeschooling, church/God, family and just life. Oh and the Army Reserve!

God bless and maybe I'll see you again this afternoon!