Thursday, May 29, 2008


You know how you get all ready and excited to go some place-then it happens. Your one year old decides she isn't happy. So she is going to make everyone unhappy. Well that is what happened in our house last night.

Hubby was rushing home to get us to go to the ball game. So we load up and head out, and our little princess decided to grow some horns. She cried and or screamed all the way there. So we were one exit away from the stadium and we decided to abort. So now we decided to take everyone out to dinner, as to not disappoint the boys. Not so good. Instead we disappointed all the folks at Yesterday's Diner, sorry guys! She decided to throw almost every piece of food we gave her on the ground, and continue her screaming. Urrgh

I love my children, yet there is a part of me that wonders, why do we do this to ourselves. I believe we asked this when the three year old did it too. I am sure we will do it with the next if he/she happens. Isn't life great!

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