Friday, May 30, 2008


Well we had to break down and buy a new laptop yesterday.

Our son was using our Gateway laptop we bought in 2006, it had a cracked case, and for the past year we have been fighting with the power port. Well it just made sense to get a new one after finding out the cost to fix it.

So hubby is getting the new laptop and son is getting the "new" Acer laptop we got a few months ago. Now our 15 year old daughter says when am I getting a laptop. LOL I want to get her a pretty decent one, one that would last her through high school and maybe even into college? LOL I know don't laugh. It was just a thought. With our portable lifestyle it just seems to make more sense for us to have laptops vs desktops. Especially for the kids as they need to be portable for school. Now I just have to pray that our curriculum is compatible with Vista! Urrgh!

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