Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I know, I know....

Time and obligations seem to creep in and if you are not a "serious" blogger like myself. I tend to let life, husband, housework, church etc....from keeping up with by blog, not that I have tons of people reading it. Which is fine, it is more for myself than anyone really.

We just got back from our home that we own in Alabama, we were there for two glorious weeks. We didn't want to come back. Alabama is our safe place so to speak. It is the one place that we can truly reset and refresh and energize ourselves. DH still has four to six more years before retirement. Yet my heart yearns to go and live there. Unfortunately that then turns DH into a geographical bachelor, and the children into a situation we don't want. Our two year old is daddy's little princess and oh how she loves him. It would break her heart if she couldn't run to him coming through the door after work, or crawl into bed with us if she has a nightmare. Being together as a family is way more important than to live in a house that we love. These years until retirement will fly by so fast, the others already have!

So until that day when we say good bye to active duty it is pick ourselves up by the boot straps go to Alabama when finances and time allow and enjoy while we can and be grateful for the blessings and the life that God has given us.

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