Friday, June 19, 2009

Just a normal Friday

Well this morning I got up and ran DH to the office early. The Army Birthday was June 15th, so they were having a 3 mile run at Ft. Myer. So it was off to the office at 5:20am.

I came home and was just doing normal housework, then the kids all started getting up. My son, is getting ready for a sleepover tonight after play practice at church. He is sitting with his two year old sister reading to her. My sixteen year old is getting herself around and my 4 yr old son has been up since 6am wanting to do it is a super website for pre/K phonics/reading.

I forget sometimes during all the mess of life that I am so blessed. I have a husband who loves me, children who are my life (even when they are naughty) and a Savior who loves me!

Life is good!

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