Saturday, January 3, 2009

Early morning

The baby was crying, so we put her in our bed, but then I couldn't go back to sleep. So an early start to my Saturday.

Do you ever look back at pictures and wonder what was I thinking. Or do I really look like that? Urrghh. I have really got to kick it up and get this weight off. I am tired of shopping in the women's section and I want to feel good about myself again. I haven't felt that way in a very long time.

This is something I have to do for myself, not for anyone else. I know everyone else benefits, but I need to do it for me.

So here goes. Back to doing my Leslie Sansone dvd's everyday and pushing myself harder, not doing the bare minimum.

Anyone want to join me!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

I'm with you girl. I just feel so gross right now. Hate this feeling. I just wish I had more time to get a great workout!