Saturday, July 25, 2009

Estate sales and pies

We decided to take the kids out to for breakfast this morning . It is 12 year old son's favorite place for breakfast eating. He just loves their french toast sticks and then he adds cheese sauce, makes me want to gag, but hey he is only 12 and hasn't developed his palate yet (I hope).

We then ran into to pick up some stuff so I can make hubby another chocolate creme pie, since the 16 year old proceeded to dump the first one I made on the floor. It is always something.

Well then on our way home we ran into an estate sale. Over priced as it was, due to the fact it was in the "nice" home area. We found hubby a box of old Life and Time magazines for $20 then he got five Life magazines and one Look magazine for $23. So he is in heaven today. He will be reading and going through all of these all day today and maybe even tomorrow.

So today it is just magazines and pies, a very nice way to spend the day!

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