Monday, July 27, 2009

A New Order...

Well we had let the children get lazy and they were not keeping up on things as they should. So this morning everyone was up by 6:30am and they have to have rooms picked up, beds made, clothes in dirty hamper ready to go to the laundry room. They also need to be dressed, teeth brushed and ready for school by 8am.

So today, this being the first day so far, we are at 100% compliance!

We are working on some remedial stuff and slowly getting into the new school year for them. It will be a little more difficult for them all, so this year I thought I would start them out a little earlier. One so they won't fall behind, another so their brains don't turn to mush over the summer.

Now if I can keep the four year old and the two year old occupied it will be a good day indeed!

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