Thursday, July 23, 2009

School time is soon up on us...

Here it is 23 July already. The new school year will be upon us soon. As a homeschooling mom I have to start getting ready in the summer for the next year. I have changed curriculums this year so I have more planning to do which is a challenge for me, but also very exhilirating. I am challenging myself more as their teacher and tailoring more to their interests.

When we were in Alabama I went to an Abeka Curriculum Fair, it was interesting the man was a true sales man and unfortunately there were two women who were new or seemed to be new to the it all. You have to know the laws and learn for yourself what homeschooling is all about, or ask other mom's, but never go on the word of a curriculum salesperson.

I know I am all over the board today, just one of those days. I pray this year is a year of great expectations and great explorations for my children. I want them to stretch themselves and to know they are capable of more than what they think they are.

Our four year old is reading already, he started trying to read around December and is now reading the cc/subtitles on movies/tv shows. His two year old sister is wanting to be his little shadow, so that will be my biggest challenge this year.

I love seeing the spark in their eyes when they realize that they are learning something new or that they accomplished that one thing. So I look forward to the new year, not only for them, but me as well.

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